Intent-Based Automation

Transforming from Reactive to Proactive

Today’s networks are comprised of hundreds or thousands of active devices, which may include switches, routers, storage, and security components. But while the devices themselves are very visible and how they connect to one another is very physical, it is the application and service delivery architect’s performance “intention” that really matters. So while all of the devices may be up and running, the delivered performance for a specific business service may be degraded or unavailable entirely.

NetBrain understands that the design intents directly support business objectives. NetBrain assures that networks are continuously delivering on their design intents and at the same time enables any needed resolution to be conducted automatically through automation.  Intent-Based Automation proactively validates that your network is doing the jobs expected of it, catches problems before they impact the business, and conducts immediate root cause analysis, and enables faster incident resolution.

An Ounce of Prevention

NetBrain continuously monitors network behavior and performance to ensure that it is properly configured to deliver the IT business services that run across it. NetBrain’s no-code framework enables teams to easily deploy automation to quickly detect configuration drift, compliance issues, and other conflicts, identifying service delivery problems before they cause outages or service degradations.

Quickly Identify Root Cause

In larger organizations, service tickets may number into the hundreds or thousands per week. With NetBrain, sub-optimal conditions are identified as soon as they occur, which triggers NetBrain to isolate where the issue is occurring and gather the context of the issue in real-time. Then, NetBrain begins diagnosing these problems long before technicians get involved. Because NetBrain Automation resolves problems quickly and efficiently, when operators get involved, they are focusing on the high-skill parts of problem-solving rather than the mundane and data gathering prerequisites.

Manage the Cloud Network Ecosystem on One Platform

Automate Complexity with No-Code Simplicity

Hybrid network infrastructures contain incredible complexity at the physical level, and even more, complexity when you consider the IT services which ride upon these infrastructures. The no-code technology enables operational teams to easily automate complex diagnostics designed to ensure that your network continues to operate as intended. Leveraging NetBrain’s no-code automation enables you to quickly build end-to-end performance management for your hybrid network… regardless of where those ends exist!

Automate Complexity with No-code Simplicity

Assure Performance at a Glance

NetBrain’s Intent-Based Automation dashboard enables service delivery and related operational teams to have complete control and visualization of network performance from end-to-end, including the public cloud, traditional networking and everything in between. NetBrain allows users to display comprehensive and detailed information about any device, any path, all alerts and even that the designer’s intentions are in compliance. Users can quickly create, edit and review automated operational flows for every monitored device without ever leaving the dashboard.

Map Traffic from Cloud to Non-Cloud

Future Proof Your Network

NetBrain Intent-Based Automation is the industry’s most powerful solution to assure IT business service delivery. Intent-Based Automation is built upon NetBrain’s no-code technology to empowers the entire IT organization in problem identification and remediation. By enabling entire teams of subject matter experts and people with deep experience to capture their knowledge, NetBrain no-code technology coupled with its Intent-Based Automation provides the means to drive performance across an ever-changing landscape of multi-platform, multi-vendor, multi-technology, and IT ecosystems.