Democratizing Network Automation:
The No-Code Revolution

Empower Your Team to Share Knowledge and Solve Problems Faster

The network is more important to the business than ever before, but network teams are feeling the pinch of skills and labor shortages. Automation helps, but bottlenecks persist. Script-based automation is hard to scale across the team, leaving many automation projects unfinished.

Enter no-code network automation. No-code tools, long used in other areas of IT, have arrived in network operations with NetBrain 10.0. Featuring our most robust set of no-code tools to date, NetBrain 10.0 empowers every member of your team to collaborate in the automation of ticket and task resolution.

Watch this webinar to learn more about no-code and how NetBrain 10.0 capitalizes on this innovation to democratize network automation through no-code tools and revolutionizing the network operations experience.

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