In today’s digital-centric businesses, the Network Operations challenge continues to be a fundemental concern for business leaders and IT practitioners alike. The cloud-connected network is the lifeblood of every organbization and no expense has been spared historically to assure that it remains functional. As the “New Normal” continues to evolve, and the IT staffing reality coneinues to materialize, IT leaders are actively looking for the means to enable business operations to be maintained more efficiently than they currently are today.

One early investigation that many will undertake is the use of “AIops”. The most common support scenerio for hybrid multi-cloud networks is in a linear fashion, relative to the size and complexity of the network. In essence, it you double the size of a network, you typically double the size of the staff needed to support it.

Scaling Knowledge

Most organizations have the expert skills needed to solve any network problem. What they don’t have is the ability to scale those limited resources across the globe. The Challange is not one of skill or complexity, it is one of scale.

NetBrain supporting content image
NetBrain supporting content image

Better Problem Resolutions

When problems are addressed by highly skill subject matter experts, the resolutions are more complete and more specific. While the use of artificial intelligence has been attempted, the problem solving suggested through AI learning pales in comparison.

Share Knowledge

With a URL, anyone, even external users, can open a map and access the Runbooks and Guidebooks.

Powered by Contextual Data

Unlike traditional scripts or static commands, NetBrain’s executable Runbook technology is driven by live, historical, and third-party data.

Support Application Performance

Leverage automation to correlate Network Intent with network functions to drive business outcomes.