NetBrain 10.0:
A Milestone for Network Automation

Product Brief

The network is the backbone of the modern enterprise. If the network goes down, the results are costly, and reputations take a hit. We’ve seen examples of the negative impact of network failures when payment and communications systems go down, or when digital processes go offline requiring a return to pen and paper. And with the explosion of work-from-home and remote work in recent years, the role of the network has grown significantly.

And yet, it is usually a relatively small team tasked with ensuring smooth network operations in an environment of complexity, rapid change, and an almost endless stream of high priority trouble tickets that must be addressed using a mostly manual process. Simply put, Network Operations must embrace automation for managing and maintaining their network.

This has led NetBrain to double down on its commitment to scale automation for network operations for any network, any person, and any problem. With the release of NetBrain v10.0, we are expanding our industry-leading network automation toolset with a wide range of new features that scale automation for the end-to-end operations of your hybrid network.

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