Automation for Troubleshooting Workflow

Learn how automation can help network teams achieve faster MTTR, auto-close false positives and shift workload left.

Automation for Change Management Workflow

Use automation to drive safer changes, at scale, and prevent change-induced outages.

Automation for Outage Prevention Workflow

Prevention is the holy grail. Learn how automating continuous assessments can prevent outages and vulnerabilities in your network.

Hybrid Network Automation

Networks today are multivendor, multi-technology, and hybrid. Learn how automation applies to the cloud, SDN, SD-WAN and beyond.

Learning Tracks

NetBrain Automation for DevOps

Leverage the comprehensive NetBrain Digital Twin data model to construct your very own.

Building Scalable Automation Architecture

Build an automation architecture for millions of intents, thousands of devices and hundreds of users.

Automation for Consultants and Service Partners

Use automation to assess networks both online and offline, find insight and build your unique automation library.

NetBrain Administration

Manage your NetBrain system health, domain accuracy, and customize your NetBrain digital twin to your network.

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