Do it Yourself Level 1 Adaptive Automation

NetBrain’s Service customers are receiving instant value from enabling real-time access to key data points, tracking their normal values, and retaining historical data for the most common CLI commands used with a given technology.

See the workflow in Action

NetBrain is releasing these scripts, free to our IE 8.x customers, along with conducting live training to demonstrate the installation/modification process and how to use the resulting automation.

The process is simple:

(available for NetBrain IE 8.X only. Click here to request your upgrade).

Note: You must be logged into NBU to register for the Instructor Led Class and watch the Using Automation Level-1 video

1. Register to receive the installation package.

2. Download the installation scripts and instructions included in the automated email response.

3. Complete the installation process. Learn how in this NBU Instructor Led Class.

4. Follow the latest Level-1 Adaptive Automation Workflow. Learn more in this NBU Video

Register to receive the installation package