It’s network design results, not individual devices—woven together by policies and links—that support required business applications. The traditional model of managing the connected needs of the business by managing the health of it’s underlying network devices does not scale as new applications are added over time. Intelligent, intent-based network automation gives IT the ability to deliver the performance needed for each business service without complexity over the network’s lifespan.

NetBrain Next-Gen is built upon our patented intent-based network automation technology. This technology enables NetBrain to encode and manage the hybrid network from edge to cloud, not as a set of devices, but as a compilation of thousands of design Network Intents that describe the fundamental connectivity requirements along with the performance and security requirements that must exist to support it’s business applications and services. The use of outcome-oriented, Network Intents dramatically simplifies and lowers the cost of network operations.


Manage by Intents, Not Devices

Manage your hybrid network by capturing the network intents—the policies, paths, and configuration —crucial to your business applications validating their compliance and performance.

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Capture Business Intents

Encode application and topology requirements as Intents and continuously validate their performance.

Preserve Application Performance

Protect network application paths by defining and automatically verifying Intents to ensure delivery.

Scaleable NetOps

Leverage multi-vendor, hybrid network Intent generation technology to replicate intents across your global network.


Assure Application Performance

Continuously monitor network behavior to proactively address anomalies that could affect specific applications before they impact the business.

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Hybrid-Cloud Visibility

Visualize and map, end-to-end, across vendors and geographies, including the cloud! Connectivity, performance, and security intents are now part of that visualization.

Prevent Outages and Downtime

Detect configuration drift, performance degradation, and other abnormalities on a continual basis to prevent issues from manifesting into catastrophes.

Intelligent Troubleshooting

Operators now have the power of Network Intents to accelerate their remedial efforts, working collaboratively with their peers to reduce MTTR.


No-Code Automation

Leverage no-code technology to easily encode and automate the management of your entire network by focusing on network design Intents rather than device-level tasks.

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Intent Library

Capitalize on automation immediately with the automation you need out of the box!

Digitize Expertise

Grow your Intent-Based Automation Center (formerly Intent Library) by directly capturing your network experts’ knowledge and sharing it across the organization.

Automate Without Scripts

Leverage pre-built intents to select parsers and diagnosis logic by device or intent and use them proactively, interactively, or during troubleshooting.