Get More Value from Your Existing Tools

Automatically Diagnose an Event as It’s Happening

Start analyzing a problem before a human ever touches the trouble ticket. Any NMS can trigger NetBrain to automatically map the problem area and run triage diagnostics as soon as an event is detected.

Discover event-triggered automation Discover event-triggered automation

No More Jumping from Screen to Screen to Stitch Together Different Data

Get one-click access to critical information captured by your other network tools—in context to the problem at hand. Go way beyond dashboards and turn data into actionable intelligence.

NetBrain as a single pane of glass NetBrain as a single pane of glass

Use NetBrain as a "Single Source of Truth"

Integrate your existing CMDB with NetBrain to build a common understanding of the total network’s inventory, topology, configuration and underlying design.

NetBrain as a single source of truth NetBrain as a single source of truth

Augment Ansible Automation with NetBrain Automation

If you’re using Ansible to provision your network, you can leverage NetBrain Automation to validate the impact of your changes, and integrate Ansible into your change approval workflow.

Check out Ansible integration Check out Ansible integration

Most Common Integrations