Creating a Data View from Templates

You can generate data views on a map directly from the predefined data view templates.

Tip: At most 3 data view templates are recommended for creating data views, by matching the device types on the map with those of the parsers defined in the template.

1.On the map page, click the icon next to the map search bar.

2.In the Data View pane, select a data view template. To select more data view templates saved in the Data View Template Manager, click More. If you select multiple templates to run, multiple data views will be generated.

Tip: By default, all devices on the map will be treated as the target devices for live data retrieval to generate data views. To remove any devices, click the hyperlink in the Target Devices field, and unselect the check boxes of the devices; to change the data source, click the Live Network hyperlink to adjust.

3.Click Run. The generated data views will be automatically displayed in the list and named after the selected template name by default.


Tip: You can modify the default name of a data view when sharing it. See Modifying default name for more details.


More Ways to Create Data Views from Templates

Run Scheduled Data View Benchmark Tasks

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