Logging in to Workstation

After installing the NetBrain Workstation, you can log in and start to work in your workspace.

1.Double-click the Workstation icon on your desktop. The Login window opens.

Note: The menu used to start the Workstation is based on Window 7. It might differ if you use other operating systems.

2.Select the type of the workspace in which you want to store network data based on your needs:

Server Workspace - open a shared workspace with data loaded from the server. See Shared Workspace for more details.

Local workspace - open an existing local workspace. See Local workspace for more details.

New Local Workspace - create a new local workspace. See Creating a local workspace for more details.

3.Enter the workspace information.

hmtoggle_arrow1Experienced user login
hmtoggle_arrow1First-time user login or change servers

4.Click OK.



If you have issues with login, contact your administrator for help.

The port number is used for the HTTP communications between the Workstation and Workspace Sever. You can also select the https check box to use HTTPS as the communication protocol. The default port number is 443.


Further operations:

hmtoggle_plus1How to set up a proxy server?
hmtoggle_plus1How to enable HTTPS for NetBrain Enterprise Server?
hmtoggle_plus1How to change your password?


See also:

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