Additional Features and Functions

Analyze Network Changes

Change Analysis (CA) enables you to compare real-time network data with a previous date’s network data through NetBrain scheduled tasks. The analysis is presented in the CA Report, where users can customize their desired time range/device scope/data type, and quickly view the change history and details of every change record. The ability to detect changes over time (configuration drift) is ideal when multiple network operators and engineers have administrative access directly to device consoles, and when change management workflows and processes are not structured or centralized.

Collaborate with Anyone Using Function Portal

The Function Portal feature enables network engineers to collaborate with their NetOps colleagues and with members of other operational teams who are not initially involved with a service ticket. This is one of the key approaches to achieving the goal of reducing service ticket overhead and improving team productivity and MTTR. With Function Portal, users from multiple teams (IT engineers, security engineers, etc.) work together to resolve complicated problems that would otherwise require hand-offs and wait for resources to become available.

Ensure Maps are Up to Date with Self-updating Function

The Update Maps after Benchmark function allows you to batch export printable maps to Microsoft Visio to be used for regulatory or compliance purposes. In some cases, written documentation needs to be regularly shared with other teams for audit purposes. NetBrain simplifies that process by making those real-time maps available on a continual basis.