Secrets of Dynamic Documentation Revealed

The Right Documentation for Any Task, Just in Time

NetBrain automation dynamically harnesses live network data to deliver the documentation you need, as soon as you need it, in seconds. In other words, just in time.

Document 1,000 Apps End to End

Map out complex traffic paths hop by hop — even through SDN — in seconds, not hours. See how apps are actually flowing right now, or pull up with a click what things looked like last week.

Document 1,000 applications end to end

Trace a Cyberattack Instantly

Map an attack path the second your IDS fires off an alert. Immediately visualize where you’ve been hacked — all the affected devices and application dependencies.

Trace a cyberattack instantly

Discover Complex Data Centers in Real Time

Automatically discover and document dozens of data centers that are always changing — SDN and other highly virtualized infrastructure, hundreds of firewall rules, thousands of connections.

Discover complex data centers in real time

Auto-Document 1,000 Branch Offices

Complete documentation of your entire environment is always available on demand. Need to share diagrams or asset reports for a compliance audit?  Export to Visio, Word or Excel with one click.

Auto-document 1,000 branch offices

Document Your Experts’ Know-How

Empower everyone on the team to troubleshoot new technology following an upgrade or tackle SDN with confidence. Document tribal knowledge that usually lives only inside your experts’ heads and make it operationally executable.

Document your experts' know-how

Dynamically Document Network Design

NetBrain automatically decodes network design — see at a glance routing (BGP, OSPF, etc.) design, STP status, multicast or QoS policies, firewall rules, and more without ever leaving the map.

Dynamically docuemnt network design