The following table lists NetBrain terms and their descriptions.

Term (alphabetical)


Data View

A data structure to organize and visualize network information on a dynamic map.


A workspace to separate areas, branches or departments to simplify the network management for an enterprise.


A group of Qapps connected in a logic manner to realize multi-stage troubleshooting.

Instant Qapp

A scaled-down version of Qapp that allows simple drag-and-drop retrieval of data by using parsers.

(Quick Automation Application)

An application built on the NetBrain platform, allowing data to be collected from multiple sources (SNMP, CLI, Config, API, etc.), analyzed and annotated in many different ways.


Executable procedures to document map-based activities and collect information throughout its execution for troubleshooting escalation and collaboration.


A logical container for an individual client organization that is served as a single instance of NetBrain applications. This container can be divided into domains for the convenience of organizing a network, or from a policy perspective.