Adding a Front Server Group for Load Balancing

If multiple Front Servers serving the same tenant can access the same devices, you can group the Front Servers for load balancing. A Front Server Group can automatically coordinate the data retrieval tasks among its Front Server members in the tenant and flexibly adjust the task assignment. It brings the following advantages:

Avoid long waiting when a Front Server is busy.

Improve the efficiency of data retrieval.

1.Log in to the System Management page.

2.In the System Management page, select the Front Server Controllers tab.

3.In the Front Server Controller Manager, select the tenant that the target Front Server serves.

4.Point to a Front Server entry under the tenant, and then click the icon to select Edit from the from-down menu.

5.In the Front Server Group drop-down menu, select Add Front Server Group.

6.In the Edit Front Server Group dialog, enter the group name and click OK.

7.In the Edit Front Server dialog, select the group from the Front Server Group drop-down menu.

8.To assign another Front Server to the group, point to the Front Server entry and then click the icon to select Edit.

Note: To move the allocated devices of the Front Servers to the Front Server Group, go to Domain Management > Network Settings. See Configuring Shared Network Settings for more details.