About NetBrain PDA System

NetBrain PDA (Problem Diagnosis Automation) system,the fourth-generation network automation solution, is a hybrid network automation and visibility platform focused on automating network problem diagnosis at scale. It equips with a powerful data engine to auto-discover the entire hybrid network and all its components to create a comprehensive "digital twin". This digital model is used as the foundation of all of its automation capabilities, including the baseline ability to generate real-time and dynamic maps of your hybrid network.

By leveraging this digital twin platform, NetBrain PDA system enables faster problem diagnosis through automation. To facilitate the use of automation, NetBrain captures the problem-solving knowledge and experience of any organization’s subject matter experts using a no-code approach and transforms that knowledge into repeatable automation units. By leveraging the previously captured expertise, any operator can solve similar problems in the future, reducing MTTR and providing consistency.

With NetBrain PDA system, service tickets only need to be conducted once, and then by capturing that first remediation, subsequent occurrences of similar problems can be diagnosed and remediated automatically with the reduced operator or engineer involvement. And, NetBrain and all of its intelligent automation and visibility can be used by anyone, individually or in collaboration within and across operational teams.

NetBrain's preventive automation framework enables the system to periodically check the health status of the network based on SNMP/CLI variables and then perform automation diagnosis if it identifies an alert. It captures the diagnosis results for you to easily view in the dashboard. This helps engineers easily reveal possible root causes for urgent tickets.

Feature Highlights

NetBrain PDA system provides NetOps with all required tools in one platform.

Intent-Based Automation (IBA)
NetBrain's Intent-Based Automation is the heart of the PDA system. It enables any network to be managed as a series of network intents and continuously monitors network behavior and performance in the background. With Intent-Based Network Automation, NetBrain PDA system proactively tests and verifies all network intentions to ensure your network infrastructure is continuously delivering on its design intents. By ensuring that your network is catching problems before they impact your business, you get higher IT service delivery performance with fewer disruptions and service degradations, reducing your overhead and MTTR.

ITSM-Triggered Automation
Extend the value of your ITSM systems,like ServiceNow,to increase ticket resolution rates and reduce MTTR with diagnostics and mapping.

No-Code Automation Library
NetBrain's network automation Library is a continuously expanding library of dozens of pre-built network automation intents and ready to use right out of the box. You can create and customize new automation without programming or CLI for tier 1 operations to use for similar occurrences. No-Code automation library enables operators with a wide range of skills to participate in every aspect of maintaining the network. It also allows users to create remediation diagnostics and continuous enforcement rules of any complexity. And once created, automation units can be stored in the NetBrain Automation Library and shared with others across the organization.

Digital Twin and Dynamic Mapping
NetBrain PDA system creates a digital twin of your network using a deep discovery model. It automatically discovers and maps out your hybrid network from edge to cloud in real-time, including traditional LAN/WAN and data centers, Cisco ACI, VMware NSX, software-defined WAN, and even public cloud. Leveraging continuously updated maps for existing network data resources, you can dynamically visualize network topology, performance hotspots and anomalies, application flows, and unify your data silos.


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