Note: To uninstall redis replication, slave/sentinel nodes need to be uninstalled prior to uninstalling the master node.

1.Run the rpm -qa|grep redis command to check whether Redis exists on this server.

[[email protected] ~]# rpm -qa|grep redis

2.If it exists, complete the following steps to uninstall it:

1)Run the cd /usr/lib/netbrain/installer/redis command to navigate to the redis directory.

2)Run the ./ command under the redis directory.

3)Specify whether to remove all redis data. To remove data, type y or yes., otherwise, type n or no.

[[email protected] ~]# cd /usr/lib/netbrain/installer/redis
[[email protected] redis]# ./
INFO: The uninstallation log file has been created.
INFO: Starting to uninstall Redis...
WARNING: Do you want to remove the data/log/config after uninstalling the Redis component?
Input [ yes | y ] if you want to remove all installation data (if your input is not 'yes' or 'y', 
it will set to default value : no) :y
INFO: Successfully uninstalled Redis.
INFO: Removed redis log path /var/log/netbrain/redis
INFO: Removed redis config path /etc/redis/
INFO: Removed redis config from logrotate /etc/logrotate.d/redis.conf
INFO: Removed redis data path /var/lib/netbrain/redis
INFO: Removed redis uninstall path /usr/lib/netbrain/installer/redis/
INFO: Removed the cronjob entry for redis logrotate
INFO: Successfully removed all redis data folders.