Understanding AWS Network Tree

By following the steps below, you will be able to view and understand the detailed information of your accounts, including:

Account, Region, VPC, Subnet

Transit Gateway

AWS Direct Connect Gateway

AWS Direct Connect Router

1.Click Network on the task bar.

2.In the Network pane, select Network Centric View > View by Accounts. The AWS data model is organized in this order: Account > Region > VPC > Subet.

Note: You will also find the other networking objects as listed based on their hierarchy. 

Transit gateway is listed under regions as transit gateway is a reginal service that resides within a certain region.

AWS direct connect gateways are logical components that can interconnect VGW and TGW from different regions, so they are listed under account. 

AWS direct connect router is a physical device that resides in certain direct connect locations, so it's listed under region. 

3.Expand an account node to view the relationship between its child nodes.

4.Select an EC2 instance under the Subnet.

Tip: You can use the search box in the network pane to quickly find the desired resources.

5.Click the Context Map tab to view the corresponding L3 Topology of the EC2 instance.

6.Click the Device Details tab to view the details of the EC2 instance and the hyperlink will take you to the AWS console directly.