Sharing Findings to Collaborate with Others

With an incident associated, you can publish device-specific findings to the incident for collaborative troubleshooting. The content that can be published to an incident include:

Text Message – displayed as a message in the collaboration session and as a device note on a map (optional).

Command Output Message – displayed as a particular type of message in the collaboration session.

Session Log File – displayed as an attachment in the collaboration session.

Runbook CLI Node – created for the specified device and command output.

Runbook Free Text Node – created for the specified message. You can use this type of node to record the network change process.

Complete the following steps to publish findings.

1.Click Publish.

2.In the pop-up dialog, define the information that will be published to the incident.

1)Enter a brief description as a headline. You can select the Show Headline in Map check box to make the headline display.

2)Enter a message.

3)Select the Create Runbook Node(s) for check box, and choose the content to be published from the drop-down list.

3.Click Post. In the Successful dialog, click the created map/runbook link to switch to the IE system for your further operations.