Sharing Environmental Information with NetBrain

The system can automatically collect environmental information, which can assist NetBrain support engineers to discover which user's IE is not in good condition.

1.Log in to the System Management Page.

2.On the Advanced Settings tab, move to the Share Environmental Information with NetBrain area, and select the following two check boxes to enable data collection.

I want to share Domain Management statistics with NetBrain

I want to share System Monitor statistics with NetBrain

3.View the statistics contained in the environmental information.

Domain Management Statistics

System Monitor Statistics

Executive Condition of Each Plugin


Device number

Execution time


Plugin path

Plugin type

Domain node size

The number of the following items:

oNew objects

oDiscovered devices

oMissed devices

oDevices discovered by SNMP

oUnknown SNMP SysObjectID

oUnclassified devices

oDuplicated IPs

oMPLS clouds

oDevices unassigned to sites

oEnabled benchmark tasks

oSite maps that need to be updated

oGroup maps that need to be updated

oPublic maps that need to be updated

oScheduled data view templates that are enabled

oScheduled tasks that are enabled

CPU, memory size, disk size, and disk available size of each machine

NetBrain server connection status