Scheduling CLI Command on Multiple Device

There are two methods to batch schedule CLI commands on multiple devices:

From Runbook CLI node

From Feature Intent Template (FID)

From Runbook CLI Node

When the end user uses the Runbook CLI node interactively, multiple CLI commands can be executed on multiple devices. These devices and CLI commands can be directly defined as schedule CLI commands and submitted to the system for subsequent automatic execution. For more details, refer to Executing CLI Commands.

Note: By default, all devices with commands added in the current node will be loaded to the scheduled task.
Tip: Runbook device qualifications can also be applied to the target devices of the scheduled task. Refer to Executing CLI Commands for details.

From Feature Intent Template

Feature Intent Template (FID) is an advanced function designed for Power users. Via FID, the technical features in each device configuration can be decoded, and various resources can be dynamically generated for the device, such as: Data View Template, Network Intent, or Schedule CLI command. The execution logic of FID is based on multiple devices, as a result, batch Schedule CLI commands will be generated for multiple devices after FID execution.

For more details, refer to FID YAML Assets- Schedule CLI Commands.

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