Review the Triggered Map Result

Follow the steps below to review the triggered map result:

1.In Splunk Enterprise, navigate to Search & Reporting.

2.Search with the following search query and a time range that covers the alert triggering time.

index=_internal sourcetype=splunkd "Map URL ----- Neighbor"

3.(Optional) For easy access next time, save this search as a report and create a NetBrain dashboard.


Keywords for All Supported Map Types

Map Type


NetBrain Automation - Device

Map URL ----- Neighbor

NetBrain Automation - Multi-Device

Map URL ----- Multi_devices

NetBrain Automation - Site

Map URL ----- Site

NetBrain Automation - Path

Map URL ----- Path

NetBrain Automation - ACI

Map URL ----- Context

NetBrain Automation - Existing Map

Map URL ----- Existing