Refreshing Subscription License

To avoid account suspension or deactivation of certain advanced features, you will need to renew the license term when the license expiry date is approaching.

Perform the following steps to refresh your subscription license when a new term is available in your NetBrain system:

1.Log in to the System Management page.

2.In the System Management page, select the License tab.

3.Select the refreshing method based on your situation.

Online (recommended) — click Refresh to connect to NetBrain License Server and refresh your subscription license immediately.

Note: If your NetBrain Web/Web API Server does not have access to the internet, you can configure a proxy server. Click the icon at the upper-right corner, select the Use a proxy server to access the internet check box and enter the required information.

Via Email — refresh your subscription license by sending an email to NetBrain. Use this refreshing method only when your NetBrain Web API Server cannot access the Internet.

Note: Only use this activation method when your NetBrain Web/Web API Server is not allowed to access the Internet.

1)Click Refresh By Email.

2)Generate your license file, attach the file to your email and send it to NetBrain Support Team. After receiving your email, NetBrain team will fill in the license information on NetBrain License Server and generate the corresponding update license file, and then send it back to you.

3)Click Browse to select the update license file that you received from NetBrain team, and then click Update.