Targeting Device Scope for Runbook

Device qualification for Runbook is essential to “Automate Every Ticket” because power users can build a runbook template for each type of ticket, transferring a piece of critical knowledge to end users: on which devices the logic should be executed. By reusing a Runbook Template, end user can define a “filter/replacement” logic to enable the features inside a Runbook Template to be more targeted to troubleshooting.

Complete the following steps to define device qualification.

1.Click the icon and select Target device qualified to refine devices for the runbook.

2.You can use the following options to refine the target devices. When there are no device qualifications defined, all devices on the current map will be loaded as target devices by default.

To narrow down the default devices from the input map, use the Dynamic Method to set criteria to filter target devices.

Note: To add more devices beyond the narrowed scope, use the static method combined with the dynamic one.

To not use these default devices, you can check the Ignore devices on the map check box and only use the static method to manually add devices as input.

3.Click OK.

Apply Device Qualifications

Device qualifications can only be applied to the following types of Runbook nodes:

Execute CLI Command

Retrieve Live Data

Health Monitor


Three ways of the device qualifications defined in the template will be automatically applied to refine target devices on the current map:

When you create a runbook on a map by applying a runbook template:

When you add runbook template in the runbook:

Add runbook template to runbook in the recommended automation with the data view template, decision tree, and network intent: