When the Decision Tree is opened, it displays the recommended automation for target devices.

Note: All devices in the current map will be set as target devices.

You can customize the target devices:

To select/deselect the checkbox of current devices, and click Apply.

To delete device(s) from Target Devices of the Decision Tree:

1)Hover over the interested device, and click .

2)Click Apply.

Note: Deleting device(s) will NOT delete devices from the current map.

To add device(s) outside of the map to Target Devices:

1)Click +Add Devices.

2)In the Select Devices window, select the desired device, and click or to add/delete the device(s) to/from the Devices Selected list. To click or , to add/remove all devices to/from the Devices Selected list.

Tip: If you want to quickly switch the Target Devices back to the devices in the current map, simply click Sync Device.

3)Click OK and Apply.