Merging Duplicated Action Nodes

Numerous action nodes in one runbook may cause poor layouts and performance issues. By default, the system limits the maximum action nodes that can be displayed in each runbook to 1000. To shorten the number of action nodes in a runbook, an effective way is to merge the action nodes in the same type.

Before you merge one type of action nodes, you must decide which action node that you want to keep as the foothold of the action type. All execution results of the merged action nodes will be intensively saved with the foothold action node, and they will be re-ranked by the execution timestamp.

Tip: The merging is regardless of the action node name and detailed action configurations, which means, two Qapp nodes can be merged even if they have different action node or contain different Qapps.

1.Select the target action node that you want to use as the final node to merge other action nodes of the same type in the runbook, and then click the icon to select Merge Nodes.

2.Select the corresponding check box to include the desired actions in the same type. Click Merge.

3.Click the target action node to browse all the execution results.

Tip: Some execution results have the same name, which is hard to distinguish them from each other. You can specify a meaningful name for it by selecting the result and click the icon to select Rename.