Unlike Qapp, which defines diagnosis logic as a template and tries to run it on all devices across different customers’ network, NI is defined on the specific target devices of a particular network.

Complete the following steps to define a Network Intent.

1.Click the icon and select New Network Intent.

2.Enter an NI name and add the following components.

1)Click Add Device to add the target devices. In this case, devices are added by site. You can also add by map, device type, or device group.

2)Click Add Config Diagnosis and Add CLI Diagnosis to add the Config and CLI commands related to this NI. See adding config and CLI commands to NI for more details

3)Define parser for Config and CLI commands. See defining multiple types variables via visual parser for more details.


CLI Command:

4)Add note,diagnosis and status code to this NI.

3.Debug an NI step by step and check each step's input and output value.