Index Store (Elasticsearch index) mechanism is to support more tenant data, and keeps search performance intact in the case of a large number of tenant/domains.

Create an Index Store

Select an Index Store

Creating an Index Store

1.Login to System Management Page.

2. Select Operations > Index Manager from the quick access toolbar.

3.Click Add on the Index Manager tab.

4.In the Add Index Store window, define the store name, unique key and description.


Data Type


Store Name


The name of the index store

Unique Key


The unique identifier of each index model as to create a unique index in the database



Description for the index store

5.Click OK.

Selecting an Index Store

1.Login to the System Management page.

2.In the System Management page, select the Tenants tab and click Add.

3.Select the desired store in the Add Tenant window.

Note: By default, the data is stored in the default store.