Configuring Path Parameters

In the Advanced Path Settings, the system provides the following built-in groups of parameters for you to customize the values of QoS parameters for the source device before calculating a path, including QoS, Protocol, URL, and Application.

If you want to customize the parameter fields displayed in the GUI, do the following:

1.In the Domain Management page, navigate to Operations > Domain Settings > Path Parameters Settings. By default, the system defines four groups of parameters in JSON as follows:

    {"name":"group1", "type":"group", "label":"QoS", "value":"", "enable":true},
    {"name":"CoS", "type":"int", "label":"CoS Value", "value":"", "enable":true},
    {"name":"DSCP","type":"string", "label":"DSCP Value", "value":"", "enable":true},
    {"name":"Precedence", "type":"int", "label":"Precedence Value", "value":"", "enable":true},
    {"name":"QoS-Group", "type":"int", "label":"QoS-Group Value", "value":"", "enable":true},
    {"name":"group2", "type":"group", "label":"Protocol", "value":"", "enable":true},
    {"name":"Protocol", "type":"string", "label":"Protocol Value", "value":"", "desc":"Identify the protocol is IPinIP or IP", "enable":true},
    {"name":"group3", "type":"group", "label":"URL", "value":"", "enable":true},
    {"name":"URL", "type":"string", "label":"URL Value", "value":"", "desc":"Identify the url", "enable":true},
    {"name":"group4", "type":"group", "label":"Application", "value":"", "enable":true},
    {"name":"Application", "type":"string", "label":"Application Value", "value":"", "desc":"Identify the application", "enable":true}

Property Name



Specify the name of the parameter group. The names that be recognized by the system are as follows (case-sensitive):

QoS: CoS, DSCP, Precedence, and QoS-Group

Protocol: Protocol


Application: Application


Specify the value type of a parameter, such as int and string.


Specify the display name of a parameter in the GUI.


Specify the default value of a parameter.


Determine whether a parameter can be displayed in the GUI. The value is true or false.

2.Modify the JSON in the working area, and preview the output on the right side.

3.Click Save.