Auto-Updating NSX-V Data in NetBrain through Benchmark

The discovery only retrieves basic data of your NSX-V network and builds L3 topology. After the discovery, you need to execute a benchmark task to retrieve all data and build all components, including visual spaces and data views.

Example: Benchmark VMware NSX-V in a NetBrain Domain.

1.Log in to the Domain Management page.

2.On the Start Page, click Schedule Task.

3.On the Discovery/Benchmark Task tab, click Add Benchmark Task.

4.On the Frequency tab, define the task frequency.

5.On the Device Scope tab, check the Select external API servers to retrieve data of SDN nodes check box and select an NSX-V server.

6.On the Retrieve Live Data tab, select the VMware NSX-V checkbox.

7.On the Additional Operation After Benchmark tab, select all the check boxes in the Build Topology and Rebuild Visual Space areas

8.Click Submit.