NetBrain Integrated Edition is an adaptive automation platform, where you can integrate with your existing NMS tools and IT workflows to automate documentation, troubleshooting, network change, and defense. NetBrain serves as a middleware to relieve network professionals from manual CLI-digging and allow them to focus on the parts of the processes that require human intelligence and judgment. NetBrain can also empower team collaboration to elevate productivity.

The reference workflow of NetBrain Adaptive Automation includes:

Just-in-Time Automation — capture crime scene via Dynamic Map and trigger diagnosis at the time of event.

Interactive Automation — drill down to the root cause and execute Runbook.

Map as Single-Pane-of-Glass View — access data and analysis from other tools within Dynamic Map.

Remediation Automation — define, execute and verify changes.

Proactive Automation — 24x7 problem-based monitoring and update triggered automation.


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