DevOps: A Networking Approach

The success of an organization today depends on its ability to deliver and support the services that its customers and employees need in a reasonable timeframe. Companies need to deploy changes and triage issues at an accelerated pace to meet their goals and to stay ahead of their competition.

DevOps has become a movement in the industry today. According to Gartner, “By 2016, DevOps will evolve from a niche to a mainstream strategy employed by 25% of the global 2000 organizations”. The overarching goal of DevOps is to simplify the collaboration between the development and IT Operations community, however, its precise practices are evolving and therefore the concept poses some challenges to understand it completely.

Broadly, the network architects and IT Operations personnel need to ascertain the impact of the architectural proposals (prior to implementation), as well as, the configuration changes (before or after they take place). Additionally, they need to conduct faster diagnosis and isolation of network issues, and accelerate troubleshooting for specific applications or the entire topology instead of device by device.

In this white paper we will discuss insight into DevOps, the critical nature of diagnosing and troubleshooting enterprise networks, and automated troubleshooting using specialized Apps, as an alternative to scripts.

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