Professional Services

NetBrain Service Packages

NetBrain’s industry experts help formulate, recommend, and implement a series of tailor made solutions to accelerate your return on investment in our NetBrain platform. Engage with us when you are not sure how to accomplish a blocker to your success with NetBrain, or if you are looking to quickly recognize value with our NetBrain platform.



Accelerate time-to-value of your NetBrain investment

  • Designed to ensure NetBrain is deployed quickly.
  • Ramp up your time to value and mitigate deployment risks by utilizing best practices gained from numerous deployments.
  • Build sites, maps and documentation
  • Automate maintenance, minimizing manual tasks
  • Training to ensure your team is fully trained after implementation



Integrate NetBrain into your workflow

  • Take your existing NetBrain deployment to the next level
  • NetBrain experts will use a prescriptive method to discover and recommend top use cases based on your unique environment
  • NetBrain will implement three tailor made use-cases to drive enhanced value utilizing automations and integrations with your workflows:
  • Customize visualization of your network
  • Automate troubleshooting and daily tasks with automated runbooks
  • Integrate third party software with NetBrain

12-month subscription of everything you need

  • All-Inclusive service is tailor made to enable long-term strategic value to your organization
  • Targeted at customers who wish to maximize value from their NetBrain platform: from deployment to value
  • Acceleration to administration best practices
  • Continuous access to NetBrain professional services over a period of 12 months
  • Includes Essential package
  • Includes 6 Use Cases
  • Three 2-hour training sessions

Unlock ways to maximize your NetBrain environment

  • Designed for existing customers looking to maximize their usage of NetBrain
  • Upgrade your NetBrain platform to latest version
  • Optimize your NetBrain configuration in line with best practices
  • Enable our built-in Dataviews
  • Verify up to 5 Paths to assist with your end-to-end troubleshooting
  • Build your MPLS Cloud if applicable
  • End User Training on latest release to ensure adoption of NetBrain in your organization


“NetBrain Professional Services helped us speed up implementation on our network to quickly recognize our return on investment.”

– Network engineer, technology company