Education and Training

Free Online Training

Accelerate your skills with our free training sessions that you can attend at your desk. Each NetBrain training class features a live instructor and most offer a lab environment with interactive exercises. These courses teach you how to use and apply the core functions of NetBrain Workstation. While these sessions are geared for Integrated Edition, most features are applicable across all NetBrain products.

End User

This group of 8 courses reviews NetBrain automation and how to apply them to various day-to-day network management tasks.


We offer 1 course that reviews NetBrain environment setup and system management.

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Learn on your own Network

Get a deeper dive into your skills with an instructor-led training session with your team. These are held on your own network, so you can learn everything you need to know in your environment. You can have as many people from your company attend these sessions as you want. These trainings are specifically for your company and one of our engineers, so you will have a more personal training with an instructor designated to you.

Administrator Training

We offer a 2-hour session with your company administrators to learn the NetBrain environment setup and workspace management.

End User Training

We offer a 2-hour session with your company end users to learn how to apply their day-to-day network management tasks using your own network.

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Become NetBrain Certified

The NetBrain NetOPs Certification program provides training and certification for professionals to be recognized as experts in the field of network operations using the NetBrain Enterprise Edition Platform.

The program offers 2 levels of certification:

NetBrain Certified NetOps Professional 

Specialized training and certification on the use of the NetBrain Integrated Edition Platform for documentation, troubleshooting and change assurance.

Certified NetBrain Administrator

Specialized training and certification on the administration of the NetBrain Integrated Edition Platform for including installation, customization, and integration.

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