SDN Management

sdn traditional networks discover mapping netbrainNetBrain’s Dynamic Mapping and automation platform provides network teams with end-to-end visibility and automation across hybrid networks. With NetBrain you can use the same set of tools to understand and manage your software-defined networks as you use to manage the rest of your network.

NetBrain supports software-defined technologies, such as Cisco ACI and VMware NSX, utilizing a Restful API framework to discover the software-defined devices through their central controllers.

ACI Mapping and Troubleshooting Automation

ACI Overlay and Underlay Map

NetBrain helps teams understand ACI-enabled networks with overlay and underlay maps. These maps allow you to see what devices, VRFs, endpoint groups and endpoints are part of your ACI fabric.

Overlays provide a layer of software abstraction to allow multiple discrete, separate, virtualized network layers that run on top of the underlay network. Overlays separate the location of the device or endpoint from its identity. Endpoints in your network are identified by a tag allowing them to be located anywhere in the network structure simply by its tag.

All these layers of abstraction, virtualization, new applications and services overlaid on the network are increasing demands on network teams to understand and decode network design. The ability to seamlessly visualize network information, regardless of technology and drill down to the corresponding physical components during troubleshooting is crucial.

netbrain diagnose underlay network problemsDiagnose the Underlay Network

NetBrain can help you abstract and maintain clear visibility of the application context for each individual device. Using NetBrain’s search function, you can quickly locate an application context by simply searching for an internal IP address of a webserver.

Without this, engineers would have to manually troubleshoot hop by hop through the traditional and ACI network to isolate the problem.

netbrain logical structure visualizationLogical Structure

NetBrain’s Logical Structure visualizes different endpoint groups, switches, firewalls, and contracts associated with the application.

This is very useful when analyzing the SDN infrastructure supporting a specific application, as users can quickly detect underlying hardware errors that may be translating into application issues.

End-to-End Path

With high degrees of abstraction, complex traffic flows and increased demand for new applications, network teams are being challenged to meet the same SLA times and MTTR with all the new complexities of managing a hybrid network.

Engineers are typically faced with troubleshooting a slow application and this workflow is often a time-consuming process.

NetBrain’s powerful A/B calculator will map the flow of any application traversing both ACI and non-ACI environment. To diagnose network slowness, you need to understand the flow of application traffic. NetBrain can map both L2 and L3 application paths based on live or baselined data.

NetBrain emulates real packet forwarding to analyze how traffic flows across the network and considers deep network protocol analysis within your network and visualizes results on the map.

netbrain trigger diagnosis apic detected eventTrigger Diagnosis from APIC Event

NetBrain can perform fully automated diagnostic procedures in real-time without human intervention.

For example, when an APIC controller detects an event such as an interface status change, it will send out a notification via Restful API.

NetBrain can be configured to listen to this event and immediately trigger the generation of a map, run a sequence of diagnostic steps in a pre-defined Runbook. This Runbook will capture device data in real-time and save the results with the map, giving the engineer a head-start with the troubleshooting process when they receive the ticket.

NSX Mapping Automation

netbrain automate nsx mappingNetBrain’s data modeling engine serves as a foundation for automation, analytics and workflow enhancement for operational IT Tasks. NetBrain makes it possible to quickly understand and support the deployed heterogeneous infrastructure in the following aspects:

  • Map NSX Alongside the Traditional Network – Obtain accurate and up-to-date visibility into the NSX environment, and the external network it is connected to.
  • Visualize Data from Multiple Sources on a Map
  • Understand the Mapping Between Virtual and Physical Components
    • NetBrain can help you abstract and maintain clear visibility of the virtual object to physical server mapping.netbrain virtual object to physical server mapping