Digital-Twin and Auto-Discovery

NetBrain auto-discovers your entire hybrid network, including traditional components, software-defined LAN and WAN, and the cloud, making all of its information about configuration, performance, and flow of traffic easily accessible to any operator or engineer as part of our visual management and automation console.

NetBrain’s discovery engine continuously inventories all devices, their configurations, the connectivity, and the protocols. The result is an exact “digital twin” of the end-to-end network in real-time—every device, every platform, every firmware version – which contains all the topology data and baseline configuration and performance analysis. It then provides this information in an easy to navigate and intuitive visual management console which becomes the foundation for intelligent network automation.

NetBrain’s technology maintains this operational knowledge continuously, to assure that the data model is always up to date with the network status allowing easy identification of historical trends and changes. The digital twin dynamic data model enables the remainder of the NetBrain platform to interact with the infrastructure as needed, interactively or by applying automated tasks.