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The Friday Five: DevOps, Network Management, and Continuous Compliance

March 22, 2019

Twice a month, we highlight five popular news stories from the world of networking, security and automation. Here are the top five stories from the last two weeks.

Survey: Cloud Monitoring, Management Tools Come Up Short – Network World

A survey by Enterprise Management Associates reveals that 84 percent of IT organizations have had to increase their number of network management tools to meet cloud demands, while only 26 percent of network managers claim their tools fully address those needs. The most effective way to overcome this issue is to address two of the most important business requirements for network management: scalability and adaptability. Network managers must be as careful as possible to source tools that will not only mitigate operational costs and comprehensibility today but grow along with their network and technology in the future.

 Can IT Admins Benefit from a DevOps Environment? – Search Data Center

It’s no secret that poor implementation of DevOps can negatively affect an enterprise, but many fail to consider the immense amount of pressure it puts on IT admins that are usually already overwhelmed with their workloads. Advanced automation not only helps keep software up to date and uncover any issues in real time but also can improve relationships between operations and developer teams through better communication—allowing admins to focus on value-add tasks that will ultimately strengthen a business’s bottom line.

Continuous Compliance, Continuous Iteration: How to Get Through IT Audits Successfully – Cloud Tech

Preparing for a compliance audit usually creates a lot of stress and panic-driven activity to get systems up to par with industry standards. But it’s important to remain level-headed and define a common goal across your IT team—then work together to identify and mitigate any failures, disruptions, or threats. Compliance is not a one-stop solution, so this will need to be repeated over and over to meet requirements, regardless of your defined goal. Fortunately, automated tools can continuously monitor your network and share notifications in real time, so your team doesn’t have to spend countless hours cramming for compliance audits.

Six Ways Mature DevOps Teams Are Killing It in Security – Dark Reading

According to a recent survey, IT practitioners with mature DevOps environments are more likely to understand and appreciate the importance of implementing security within their organizations and are 350 percent more likely to integrate automated security throughout the entire software delivery process. The survey also links automation to a substantial improvement in compliance of cybersecurity risk management—with 82 percent of elite DevOps teams having tools to monitor all environment changes, compared with only 59 percent of manual organizations.

Cloud Connectivity Tests the Bond Between Enterprises, WAN Providers – Search Networking

One of the major evolutions in today’s enterprise networks is the demand for wide area networks (WAN) to adapt to public and hybrid cloud connectivity. As applications continue to move toward the cloud, it presents issues for enterprises regarding cost, bandwidth capability and service-level agreements (SLA). Some WAN providers have failed to keep up with the shift from manual to automated processes, but they must be able to adapt and grow alongside the increasing traffic patterns associated with evolving cloud strategies.


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