Automation for Every Network

Today’s networks are undergoing constant change. Engineering teams are tasked with a range of projects from network merges and upgrades to compliance and security audits. Manual methods to document, troubleshoot, and upgrade the network leave teams understaffed and strained. NetBrain empowers modern network teams to map, troubleshoot, and manage their networks with automation – to improve network performance and minimize downtime.


Automation does the heavy lifting to maximize uptime, reduce MTTR, and optimize network performance.

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Telecom & MSPs

Get end-to-end network visibility to maximize uptime, reduce MTTR, and avoid SLA violations.

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Secure patient data, guard against cyber threats, and keep your digital healthcare network up and running.

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Financial Services

Ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate attacks, and optimize performance for today’s speed of business.

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Optimize network performance, reduce MTTR, and deliver outstanding digital customer experience.

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Network Consultants

Discover, analyze, and document customer networks with automation, and troubleshoot issues visually on the map.

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Ensure regulatory compliance and improve network performance across the digital campus.

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Manage and secure government networks with map-driven automation.

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Other Industries

Network automation streamlines workflows like troubleshooting, security, and change management for any business.

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