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There’s Dynamic Network Mapping, and There’s Not Exactly

January 15, 2018

We’ve all seen the Hertz car rental commercials where they compare a premium service offering with a lesser product that claims to be the same thing. However, any traveler that’s ever been stranded at a random airport can truly appreciate the statement that there’s Hertz and there’s not exactly.

The same holds true for our world of enterprise networking — specifically, network mapping. While there are many traditional and so-called second-generation mapping software products on the market, they rely primarily on SNMP for network discovery. As network engineers know all too well, this dramatically restricts their ability to create data-rich network diagrams. This has earned these providers a well-deserved reputation as makers of “automated static diagram software.”

NetBrain, on the other hand, leverages telnet/SSH in concert with SNMP for deep intelligent network discovery — capturing infinite detail on the network, such as the underlying design, security posture, performance, and even history — in addition to basic topology. In short, NetBrain provides network engineers with the breadth and depth of visibility needed to make decisions and solve problems.

Whereas traditional network mapping software outputs a pre-set (and often cluttered) network diagram that is typically laborious to configure, Dynamic Maps are created on demand. The rich data on a Dynamic Map is powered by adaptive automation technology, which means that users can enhance the maps with virtually limitless data, which users specify via visual programming. The map becomes the canvas for displaying the output of network automation, which means the map can be used for collaboration as a shared analytics console.


NetBrain is much more than a mapping tool. It’s a map-driven network automation platform designed to automate any network security task, including troubleshooting diagnoses, vulnerability assessments and network hardening, and more. NetBrain integrates with your network and security ecosystem to trigger an analysis in the event a threat is detected.

Some of the other features unique to NetBrain’s Dynamic Maps include:

  • Search any data point and instantly map the results
  • Dynamically map traffic flows (between any two devices)
  • Turn on/off “virtually infinite” layers of data with Data View
  • Highlight network changes on the map
  • One-click to auto-update Dynamic Maps
  • One-click to export Dynamic Maps to MS Visio
  • Track user activity (analytics and custom notes) in Activity Manager
  • Trigger map creation via API-triggered 3rd party event (e.g. from ServiceNow)

NetBrain pioneered Dynamic Mapping and has the most advanced mapping platform on the market. For any network engineer that has ever been hamstrung trying to troubleshoot their network based on a static map, you can appreciate the difference between this and a premium solution.