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The Friday Five: Proactive Monitoring, Hybrid Cloud and a Guide to DevOps

May 30, 2019

Twice a month, we highlight five popular news stories from the world of networking, security and automation. Here are the top five stories from the last two weeks.

Proactive Monitoring: How to Fix Network Problems Before They Happen – Solutions Review

IT teams know that never having an issue with tech solutions is impossible, but focusing on trying to prevent tech problems before they happen doesn’t have to be. With proactive monitoring, your business can continuously search for signals of a problem that is about to happen, allowing IT teams to identify issues and stop them in real time.

The Ultimate Guide to DevOps: Everything an Enterprise Needs to Know – Information Age

Information Age has explored everything there is to know about DevOps and shares the ultimate guide with their readers. Though the notion of DevOps is relatively simple, putting it into practice is the more difficult part that requires a level of collaboration, communication and leadership that many organizations struggle with. For companies going through digital transformation efforts, DevOps will require a cultural change, which will be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome.

DevOps for Networking Hits Chokepoints, Tangled Communications – Search ITOperations

The DevOps for networking movement has gained more attention as of late, and as a result operation teams will need to be cautious about how they bring the network into the DevOps mix. As the integration between the two becomes tighter, more challenges will appear. DevOps and NetOps teams may struggle to monitor and analyze cloud-based networks that must be easily reconfigurable in order to suit application changes.

Network Monitoring in the Hybrid Cloud/Multi-Cloud Era – Network World

According to Enterprise Management Associates, even before organizations began moving software and infrastructure to the cloud, a typical enterprise used four to 10 tools just to monitor and troubleshoot their own networks. In today’s digital era, businesses will require a holistic view of their networks with the ability to collect data from different cloud environments using big data analytics and machine learning.

Will 5G Networks Require New Network Engineer Skills? – SearchNetworking

The 5G transition is happening and it will likely be the predominant carrier technology by 2024. Network engineers working in enterprise data centers won’t see an extensive change in their required skills within the 5G transition, but security will be one of the most important network engineer skills area for enterprise teams.


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