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The Friday Five: Network Visibility, Monitoring and Complex Data Center Workloads

Jun 14, 2019

Twice a month, we highlight five popular news stories from the world of networking, security and automation. Here are the top five stories from the last two weeks.

How Do Network Monitoring Protocols Improve Network Performance? – Solutions Review

In today’s complex IT environment where enterprise networks consist of legacy infrastructure as well as software-defined networks and SD-WAN, network monitoring is critical, helping organizations to understand how well their network is performing. A network performance monitoring solution can take advantage of various network protocols to help identify performance issues at a comprehensive level.

Biggest Hindrance to Enterprise Network Visibility Is Lack of IT Staff – Beta News

Based on a recent 2019 State of Enterprise IT Report, the biggest hindrances to network visibility include lack of IT staff (25.6%), poor network management tools (24.8%) and lack of visibility into app delivery paths (24.7%). As a result, 40% of survey respondents said these issues lead to employee frustration, while another 25% said loss in overall productivity is increasingly becoming a challenge. The solution? A network performance monitoring solution that can bridge the visibility gap.

Data Center Workloads Become More Complex Despite Promises to the Contrary – Network World

According to the Uptime Institute’s latest annual global data center survey, data centers are becoming increasingly complex and still run the majority of IT workloads, even in the face of cloud adoption. This causes some challenges for administrators who now have to manage workflows across hybrid infrastructure. On top of this, the survey also revealed that IT teams are struggling to get enough staff with the right skills.

Four Things Modern CIOs Need to Know Information Week

Chief information officers are at the forefront of how companies drive and adapt to technological change. But what’s top of mind for CIOs today? This article discusses the top tech topics that every CIO needs to be familiar with in order to continue leading the charge when it comes to digital transformation.

 Get One-Third of Your IT Department’s Time Back – Network Computing

New data suggests that 30% of administrator time is spent managing the Domain Name System (DNS) and only 26% of administrator time is spent on strategic initiatives. These statistics are very eye opening. With all the complexity that comes with modern networks, administrators are stuck spending a third of their time doing back-end work when they could be spending their time on special projects like SD-WAN, cloud, DevOps and virtualization.


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