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The Friday Five: Network Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence and DevSecOps

Jul 12, 2019

Twice a month, we highlight five popular news stories from the world of networking, security and automation. Here are the top five stories from the last two weeks.

How to Avoid a Slow Network with Network Monitoring – Solutions Review

Organizations don’t want a slow network. Network performance monitoring is the solution that can help reduce times when your network is running slow and search for issues impacting speed. Performance issues will happen, but network performance monitoring can improve your network performance.

IDC Report Shows AI Is a Priority, but Few Enterprises Are Ready – SiliconANGLE

Based a new International Data Corp. survey, about two-thirds of companies that have adopted AI technologies are also trying to develop an “AI-first culture.” Although the skills shortage and unrealistic expectations were found to be the two main reasons for a 50% failure rate with AI projects, 60% of firms reported making positive changes to their business models with their adoption of AI technologies.

DevSecOps Survey Finds Failure to Communicate – Devops.com

According to a survey conducted by Vanson Bourne, 74% of respondents said integrating developer, IT operations and cybersecurity processes has become more important over the past year, but the two biggest challenges in achieving DevSecOps are the lack of trust between developers and cybersecurity professionals and the lack of tooling to generate collaboration among teams.

For Top-Performing CIOs, Leadership Trumps Tech Skills – CIO Dive

It is apparent that the role of the CIO has changed due to digitization and emerging digital technology trends. A recent ServiceNow survey of more than 500 CIOs found that the majority say their role’s effectiveness depends more on leadership skills than technological expertise. With all the disruptive technologies being overly hyped, CIOs need to be aware of which technologies are a fit for their organization’s success.

Organizations Need Greater Visibility into Network Activity – Help Net Security

Virtual Intelligence Briefing conducted a survey to understand the challenges that larger enterprises face when protecting their network from cyberattacks and performance issues. More than half of respondents (81%) reported not having enough monitoring tools in the right places on the network, and 91% indicated “integrating solutions to streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce complexity” as significant challenges.


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