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The Friday Five: NetOps, DevOps and Network Automation

May 2, 2019

Why a Good Economy Can Be Bad for Your Network – ITProPortal

A good economy means jobs and increased demand for certain skillsets. And with network engineers already in high demand, that can mean even more movement and turnover than normal. Losing staff goes with the territory in a strong economy, but losing knowledge doesn’t have to be part of the deal. This article from NetBrain discusses how companies can ensure that critical knowledge isn’t lost with employee departure.

Why ‘OK’ Network Practices Are Bad for Business – No Jitter

If you are a CIO or head of IT, the last thing you ever want to hear from your team is that your methodology for managing critical areas of the network is OK. Networks today are mission-critical, zero-fail operations where the line of acceptance begins and ends with best practices and best-of-breed technology. Through automation you can ensure that the network is functioning properly, that critical tests are being done and that updates and patches are completed quickly. Jason Baudreau, VP of Marketing at NetBrain, discusses the importance of automation for your network and how companies can ensure they are implementing best practices and maximizing their automation investment.

The Challenges and Rewards of Adopting DevOps – InformationWeek

DevOps offers organizations a variety of benefits, such as speed, delivery, quality and resiliency. But in order to achieve these results, software providers must keep up with the automation requirements that come with DevOps. Organizations that fail to keep up with automation will continue to suffer from the issues associated with having a siloed operations team. This InformationWeek article discusses the journey of DevOps and how it will need to evolve as tools and practices continue to develop.

Open Architecture and Open Source – The New Wave for SD-WAN? – Network World

Networking is constantly changing and there’s no sign that it will stop evolving anytime soon. This can cause some challenges for IT teams when new technologies are introduced. However, with open architecture, you can replace the components of the system and add code or elements that handle specific traffic and applications. Open source gives you more flexibility by allowing you to select the services that you want to be applied to your system.

What Can Automation Learn From DevOps? – DevOps.com

A new survey found that while enterprise-scale automation is still in the early stages of adoption, IT automation is gaining traction and can be responsible for quick wins, including self healing, event correlation, diagnostics, application releases, cybersecurity monitoring and storage and server management tasks. This suggests that in addition to being a great solution for manual work, automation is also a part of a high-level, strategic IT plan to innovate the business.

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