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The Friday Five: DevSecOps, SDN and Intent-Based Networking on the Horizon

Jan 25, 2019

Twice a month, we highlight five popular news stories from the world of networking, security and automation. Here are the top five stories from the last two weeks.

Software-Defined Networking Poised for Prominence (Finally) – ServerWatch

There’s been hype around SDN for years, but it seems that SDN might finally be hitting the mainstream. A new survey by Verizon found that 15 percent of companies are already piloting or deploying SDN technologies, and this is set to rise to 57 percent within two years, with 12 percent expecting to have deployed SDN throughout their entire organization in that time. On top of that, Microsoft is integrating a new iteration of SDN into its Windows Server 2019, giving SDN even more of a boost.

 What’s the Difference Between Network Availability and Reliability? – SearchNetworking

Network availability and network reliability are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are actually very different. Network availability is the percentage of time the infrastructure is operational during a given time period. Network reliability, on the other hand, tracks how long the infrastructure is functional without interruption. Both are used to measure network performance by isolating availability and reliability metrics to uncover configuration inefficiencies and better plan for redundancies.

What Happens When You Add Security to DevOps? DevSecOps – InformationWeek

DevOps doesn’t just allow businesses to deliver services and innovate faster. It also involves a cultural shift in the way processes, code and technology are delivered. Now some organizations are taking DevOps to the next level by implementing DevSecOps and getting security teams involved as well. Here, Bill Kleyman shares what organizations should consider when transitioning from DevOps to DevSecOps.

 Coding, Cloud Skills Are Most in Demand for Network Pros – Network World

As today’s networks evolve, so must the skills of the professionals managing them. New technology trends like public, private and hybrid cloud, IoT, AI, and machine learning are prompting network and infrastructure professionals to develop a better understanding of IT software. This Network World article discusses how exactly software will begin to play a role in a network engineer’s day-to-day work.

Where Intent-Based Networking Goes from Here – Enterprise Networking Planet

Intent-based networking is the idea that by using AI, sensor-driven data flows, virtual abstraction and a host of other technologies, you define what you want to achieve and then let the data environment configure the network to meet those needs. However, the truth is that without end-to-end abstraction and automation, network operators will only be able to define intent within a limited scope.  As a result, the automated network functions will operate at optimal speed, while the rest struggles to catch up.


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