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Why Real-Time Documentation Is Critical in the Banking Industry

by Barbara.Froemmel Aug 3, 2017

Who better to talk about the value of NetBrain solutions than our own valued customers? During Cisco Live, I was fortunate enough to speak with several NetBrain users about key trends in networking for the financial services industry, how they are using NetBrain and their initial thoughts on Integrated Edition 7.0. These conversations are being made available through this blog and interview series.

As part of our customer series at Cisco Live, we spoke with Bob Primavera, Vice President and Director of Network Engineering at Eastern Bank. As a customer of NetBrain for more than four years, Bob and his team are advanced users of NetBrain. Bob offered insight into the importance of documentation in the banking industry, how runbooks help accelerate network troubleshooting and how NetBrain can improve collaboration.

“In the banking industry when you’re bringing in outside consultants and auditors, what do they want? The most current architecture, and when you can show something with NetBrain, they are really like ‘Wow,’” said Primavera.

Bob also detailed several key advantages NetBrain has given the network team at Eastern Bank. Not only has NetBrain helped reduce tedious documentation processes, but  Runbooks allow their team to standardize key troubleshooting standards across locations. Furthermore, Bob and his team can use NetBrain to provide clear visibility to the network operations center (NOC) team that monitors the network 24/7. Finally, Bob shares his thoughts in Integrated Edition 7.0 and why open architecture is such an important addition to the NetBrain platform.

Watch and listen to my entire conversation with Bob to hear more about what an experienced IT executive had to say about the power of NetBrain:

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