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NetBrain 10.0: A Milestone for Network Automation

April 6, 2021

The network is the backbone of the modern enterprise. If the network goes down, the results are costly, and reputations take a hit. We’ve seen examples of the negative impact of network failures when payment and communications systems go down, or when digital processes go offline requiring a return to pen and paper. And with the explosion of work-from-home and remote work in recent years, the role of the network has grown significantly.

And yet, it is usually a relatively small team tasked with ensuring smooth network operations in an environment of complexity, rapid change, and an almost endless stream of high priority trouble tickets that must be addressed using a mostly manual process. Simply put, Network Operations must embrace automation for managing and maintaining their network.

This has led NetBrain to double down on its commitment to scale automation for network operations for any network, any person, and any problem. With the release of NetBrain v10.0, we are expanding our industry-leading network automation toolset with a wide range of new features that scale automation for the end-to-end operations of your hybrid network:

  • NetBrain for Visual Multi-Cloud. Enterprises look to cloud networking to achieve agility and linear scalability, but often find operational inefficiencies make it difficult to get started. In many cases, they rely on siloed cloud monitoring tools that don’t provide true end-to-end visibility across the physical, virtual, software-defined, and multi-cloud segments of the network. NetBrain for Visual Multi-Cloud in v10.0 allows users to add Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure environments into their NetBrain deployment for true end-to-end network visibility, with additional cloud platform support coming in future releases.
  • Extended SD-WAN Support. Like cloud, SD-WAN is increasingly a mission-critical part of enterprise networks. NetBrain continues to add support for market-leading SD-WAN solutions adding support for FatPipe in v10.0.
  • Intent-Based Automation. Enterprise network infrastructures operate by means of thousands of network designs, configurations, and tunings, all of which can be represented by a network intent. Intents include any network design, performance expectations, security policies, application paths, among other things. Intent-based automation is designed to automate around intents, opening the door to more complex network operations workflows through triggered, interactive, and proactive automations.
  • Increased No-Code/Low-Code Capabilities. When working with network data, enterprises need a robust no-code/low-code toolkit that not only allows network engineers to quickly create advanced automations, but also enables more people to develop these automations. Network automations no longer require years of coding experience – users quickly come up to speed to build automations that reduce MTTR. NetBrain is “democratizing automation”.
  • Incident Collaboration and Portal. Anyone who’s worked in network operations knows that troubleshooting is a team sport, pulling in players from across networking, applications, security, and other areas of IT, depending on the issue. Thus, teams should be able to share knowledge in real-time, using visual data to quickly resolve issues. With NetBrain’s new Incident Collaboration capabilities, we bring together dynamic maps with real-time messaging, so you can harness the knowledge and experience of your entire team to get to resolution. With Incident Portal, you can bring non-NetBrain users into the mix, sharing a secure URL to facilitate collaboration outside the Network Operations team when needed.
  • Feature Intent Template. NetBrain 10.0 introduces the Feature Intent Template to accelerate automation creation and value. Operations engineers require flexible mechanisms that can scale to today’s multi-vendor, multi-platform environment. Feature Intent Template provides template-based feature decoding and automation building, enabling network operations team members to quickly scale automations across hybrid networks. This significantly increases the number of tasks and issues that can be addressed through automation.

All these new features complement NetBrain’s existing automation and documentation capabilities, cementing NetBrain as the platform for automated network operations at scale:

  • Scale to any network. Networks aren’t monolithic. They consist of physical, virtual, software-defined, and cloud elements, spanning multiple vendors. NetBrain evolves with network technologies, continually adding support for the latest and greatest technologies and topologies, so we can scale automation for any network environment.
  • Scale to any person. Traditional automation scripting processes don’t scale. Enterprises need low-code and no-code automation tools so more people in an organization can automate troubleshooting and other Day 2 network tasks. In addition, your team must always be able to efficiently collaborate, both internally and with outsiders as needed.
  • Scale to any problem. Preventing outages and ensuring network uptime are the primary goals of the network operations team. While many would think of these goals in terms of preventing and automating the resolution of large problems, maximizing network uptime requires a more holistic approach. NetBrain automates the resolution of problems big, small, and in-between – from P1 to P3, spreading the work of resolving all types of issues across the team.

To learn more about what’s new in NetBrain 10.0 and how it ensures the network always supports critical business functions, be sure to check out our webinar. We dive into how NetBrain 10.0 is scaling automation for network operations to every network, every person, and every problem. If you want to see NetBrain in action in a more personal environment, sign up for a demo today.

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