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Missed Cisco Live U.S. this year? NetBrain has you covered

by Jun 21, 2019

Last week, thousands of people attended Cisco Live U.S. in sunny San Diego for a week full of networking, live demos, exciting presentations and the latest technological innovations. Don’t worry if you happened to miss out on this year’s event, because we’re recapping the show’s highlights.

CEO and Founder Lingping Gao Interviewed on theCUBE

Did you know NetBrain was created after founder Lingping Gao initially failed his CCIE exam?

“It was a big blow to my ego,” said Gao during theCUBE interview. “So, I said I would create a company so that I could pass. This is the genesis of NetBrain, to help people do better on their network management work.”

Gao went on to discuss NetBrain’s approach to “just in time” network automation and why some organizations (justifiably) are wary of network automated tools. He also explained that the key to NetBrain’s approach is to tap the knowledge and skills of DevOps and NetOps, along with the intelligence of various collaborative partners, such as Cisco, to create a network automation process that anyone can use.

Check out the full interview:

Achieving Agile Network Operations for Cisco ACI and Hybrid Infrastructures

Jason Baudreau, our director of product, gave a great presentation around how Cisco ACI is making data centers more agile and how this is impacting NetOps teams. He also discussed how Dynamic Network Mapping and Adaptive Network Automation can help IT teams document and troubleshoot the network as they transition to an application-centric infrastructure.

Jason CLUS19 1Jason CLUS19 2

Thinking about ACI? Or already have it rolled out in production?

Interested in seeing how NetBrain can help Cisco ACI users visualize and better operationalize their networks to extract the full benefit of their ACI investment?

“Just in Time” Automation Demos

This year during Cisco Live, our expert NetBrainiacs ran the following four demos non-stop:

  • Troubleshooting Automation: Reduce a 45-minute triage to 30 seconds. “Just in time” automation starts diagnosing problems before a human ever arrives on the scene.
  • Security Automation: Evaluate and mitigate a threat in minutes, not hours. Automated mapping and diagnostics capture the crime scene as it’s happening.
  • SDN Operations: Demystify SDN to operate with confidence. NetBrain unlocks the secrets of SDN and helps you manage hybrid networks just like traditional infrastructure.
  • Dynamic Documentation: Never have the right diagram for the task at hand? Dynamic Maps give you exactly the documentation you need, exactly when you need it, in seconds.

CLUS19 demo1CLUS19 demo2