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The Friday Five: Networking Tips, IoT, and SDN Security

Nov 30, 2018

Twice a month, we highlight five popular news stories from the world of networking, security and automation. Here are the top five stories from the last two weeks:

How to Avoid Being the Network Turkey – Network Computing

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, NetBrain put together a few handy tips on how to avoid becoming the network turkey. While many may enjoy it at the dinner table, no one wants to be the turkey at work, causing disruptions for their coworkers and organization. The slideshow discusses the self-inflicted network wounds to avoid for a happier, more productive holiday season.

What Network Pros Need to Know About IoT – Network World

According to Gartner, there will be more than 20 billion IoT devices in the world by 2020 and about 40 percent of them will be deployed in the enterprise – monitoring air quality in factories, improving energy efficiency in offices, tracking assets across the supply chain, detecting equipment failures, and more. However, the increase in IoT devices is likely to cause new challenges in network management, data governance, and compliance. This article discusses four essential things network professionals will need to know as they adopt IoT.

A Quick Guide to Important SDN Security Issues – SearchNetworking

Security should be a top priority for organizations implementing SDN. After all, traditional network security vulnerabilities are difficult enough without adding SDN security issues into the mix. If organizations don’t have the right plans in place as they deploy SDN, they risk exposing their networks to new types of threats and attacks. Here, Jennifer English discusses useful tips to help organizations avoid detrimental SDN security issues and get the most from their SDN deployments.

How DevOps Will Change in 2019 and Beyond: 3 Predictions – TechRepublic

In recent years, DevOps has transitioned from a buzzword to a proven method for delivering software more quickly and efficiently. However, many DevOps teams still struggle with how to get started. This article discusses predictions on how DevOps will continue to evolve and change in 2019.

Getting Smarter About Managing the SD-WAN Last-Mile – Network World

Compared to delivering local networks, managing the middle-mile/backbone performance and managing last-mile with global SD-WANs is much more challenging. Many SD-WAN vendors don’t have control over these segments, affecting application performance and service agility. Management of the last-mile is especially overlooked, but the ability to simplify the last-mile management is a huge step forward in global SD-WAN deployments.


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