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The Friday Five: Network Zombies, Automated ITMS and Intent-Based Networking

November 2, 2018

Twice a month, we highlight five popular news stories from the world of networking, security and automation. Here are the top five stories from the last two weeks:

5 Signs You Have a Network Poltergeist – Network Computing

Difficulty managing, troubleshooting and documenting the network – paired with its ever-changing structure – can make it seem like your network has a mind of its own. But what signs should network teams look for to know if their network is behaving properly or showing signs of a network poltergeist? In the spirit of Halloween, NetBrain developed a slideshow that depicts the five signs you have a network poltergeist and tools network teams can use to exorcise them.

Is Your IT Team Turning into the Walking Dead? – ITProPortal

IT teams are likely digging their own graves by manually documenting, troubleshooting and managing their networks. The tedious and time-consuming nature of these tasks certainly induces a zombie-like state of boredom. However, there is a cure for the network zombie virus – and that is automation. Here, NetBrain director of product Jason Baudreau discusses how the manual nature of traditional network management strategies is turning IT teams into zombies, and how automation will be key to relieving teams of this burden.

It’s Time to Automate the Help Desk Ticketing System – Search IT Operations

The help desk can provide some unpleasant experiences for both IT admins and users. Traditional help desk ticketing systems are reactive, meaning someone must open a ticket to report a problem before the IT team can resolve it. But with automation, the help desk can get ahead of the problems, while making the help desk experience more enjoyable for all parties.

Edge Computing in IoT: Increasing Network Efficiency to Ease Traffic – Search Networking

As more IoT devices are deployed, businesses need ways to quickly analyze and process the data generated by them, which is why enterprises are increasingly interested in edge computing. This eliminates the need to haul data back to the cloud or an in-house data center. According to Gartner, today only 20 percent of enterprise data is processed outside of data centers, but by 2025, up to 90 percent of all data could be handled by edge devices. The technology is bound to spread across a variety of verticals. For example, agricultural researchers are now using edge computing so they can track data to help farmers grow food more efficiently.

Preparing for the Intent-Based Network – Network Computing

Speed and agility are crucial components of today’s networks. This emphasis has led to the rise of intent-based networks, which offer three clear benefits – reduced risk, agility and speed, and business value. Gartner predicts that when intent-based networking becomes more common, it will revolutionize the way network administrators work, removing repetitious and tedious configuration tasks and moving admins from a reactive to a proactive approach.


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