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The Friday Five: IoT Security, Data Center Networks and IT Collaboration

Sep 28, 2018

Twice a month, we highlight five popular news stories from the world of networking, security and automation. Here are the top five stories from the last two weeks:

Edge Computing Is the Place to Address a Host of IoT Security Concerns – Network World

With the industrial IoT (IIoT) comes new target opportunities for cyberattacks, due to the difficulty of gaining full visibility into what’s happening across all devices. As a solution, edge computing places a gateway between the industrial endpoints and the rest of a company’s computing resources, letting businesses implement new security and visibility technology without having to replace existing IIoT machinery. Jon Gold of Network World discusses all things edge computing in this recent article.

Software-Defined Access Networks Pose Promise and Pitfalls – Search Networking

Software-defined access networks provide several benefits, including the ability to centrally control network policies and increase mobility. But, as this Search Networking article explains, there are also several drawbacks of the technology, including manageability and change. Because of the change associated with software-defined access networks, IT professionals will need to overcome their existing biases. When implementing software-defined access networks, IT teams must ensure they are doing so in a way that meets their specific needs.

How Strong Networks Support IT Modernization – FCW

Almost all organizations are investing in IT modernization, and the federal government is no exception. At the core of modernization lies strong, scalable networks. Intelligent networking systems help employees operate efficiently and speed application delivery. A strong network also has the power to support the capacity and data-consumption levels required by existing and emerging technologies.

Better Together: Net Managers Are Partnering with the Security Team – Network Computing

The recent 2018 Enterprise Network Management Megatrends report found that 91 percent of network operations teams have established formal collaboration with the security team. In addition, 40 percent of the 250 network managers surveyed said they have fully converged network and security operations teams with shared tools and processes. This is a great step forward for network teams, in an era when security is becoming a crucial component of overall network management. Read more about this recent survey in this Network Computing article.

Data Center Networks Are Getting Faster and Smarter – Data Center Knowledge

What are some of the biggest drivers behind network innovation? Speed and automation. Data Center Knowledge recently took a deep look at these drivers and some of the other trends in data center network technology. Among those trends are DevOps, intent-based networking, machine learning and data security. Learn more in this recent article.

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