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4 Advanced Use Cases for Automation with NetBrain

By Chris LopezOctober 26, 2018

Last week, I discussed 6 of the most common use cases for automation that NetBrain customers have implemented in their networking environments. Using Runbooks, clients have been able to eliminate the overhead…

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6 Common Use Cases for Automation with NetBrain

By Chris Lopez October 18, 2018

I went to a trade show for NetBrain recently, and one thing that kept surprising me was how much people knew about NetBrain’s Dynamic Maps, yet how little they knew…

Monitor for Network Problems with Qapp Scheduler

By Jason Baudreau May 17, 2018

How Scheduled Automation Can Improve Network Health Every IT organization is measured against two critical metrics: total service downtime, and mean time to repair (MTTR). The Network Performance Monitoring and…

Runbook Automation: Convert Actions into Shareable Knowledge

By Jason Baudreau May 15, 2018

How to transfer tribal knowledge with self-documenting runbooks There’s a modern idiom, “there is nothing new under the sun” which emphasizes the cyclical nature of life. You can take this in…

How to Set Up Basic System Benchmark Task

By Steve Lamont January 26, 2018

The Basic System Benchmark task can regularly collect live data as baselines to build topology, calculate paths, device groups, sites and MPLS Virtual Route Tables. The network data to be retrieved…

Overcoming Four Top Challenges to Reducing MTTR

Overcoming Four Top Challenges to Reducing MTTR

By Steve Lamont January 3, 2018

This executive summary recaps our Reduce MTTR and SLA Violations webinar,  now available on demand — no registration form required. Network teams are increasingly feeling the heat to realize “five-9s” uptime…

How Network Discovery Creates the “Brain” of NetBrain

By Jason Baudreau December 14, 2017

Each icon on a Dynamic Network Map is not just a picture, but a smart object. These smart objects combine to form a mathematical data model which is created by a deep…

How Executable Runbooks Work

By Matthew Speidel November 22, 2017

An Executable Runbook is a programmable set of procedures, which can be used by anyone to automatically collect and analyze specific network data. Like traditional playbooks, Executable Runbooks provide a…

5 Ways to Build a Dynamic Map

By Jason Baudreau November 22, 2017

A dynamic network map is more than a network diagram, it’s the place where every network task starts and ends – from troubleshooting and security to planning a network change. That means the…

NetBrain in Action: How to Troubleshoot a Slow Application

By Jason Baudreau November 22, 2017

In this week’s “tips and tricks” blog, I’ll discuss one of the most frequent scenarios network managers face: how to troubleshoot a slow application. When a user is experiencing a slow…

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